Tonics & Melks

Stock your fridge on a weekly basis with GOÛTER goodies! Our tonics, melks, and grub options will keep you fueled & energized all week long. Everything is made-to-order and hand-delivered to homes all over the D.C. Metropolitan area. We have a minimum order of 15 tonics or melks and delivery is free!

All of our tonics consist of four main ingredients: 9.5 pH alkaline water, lemon, cayenne, and coconut nectar. This base creates a beverage that is lighter, more hydrating, and has less sugar than a juice based drink. Our tonics will give you a sustained feeling of vigor and well-being, not a sugar high. The additions to the base tonic are geared towards specific purposes and are meant to complement your daily diet and meet targeted nutritional needs.

All of our melks are dairy-free and either nut or seed based, combined with 9.5 pH alkaline water and various superfood ingredients. They are takes on classic flavors that will leave you feeling fully nourished and are a great meal replacement, snack or workout supplement.

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