Goûter x Number 1 Sons Gut Reset Program


Our guts are ground zero for full-body health: it’s where we absorb nutrients and defend ourselves against pathogens. Poor gut health—from culprits like high-sugar diets, or excessive alcohol—can lead to symptoms such as weight gain, bloating, fatigue, and skin issues.

This program will repair your gut by detoxing the system of harmful bacteria, reducing inflammation, creating a balance of healthy bacteria, and introducing fiber for digestive health.

Fermented foods are one of the best sources of probiotics, or healthy gut bacteria. We partnered with our favorite fermenter, Number One Sons, to include kombucha and kraut juice.

As part of the gut-healing process, we’re incorporating a daily serving of kitchari, an Ayurvedic meal that’s easy to digest, comforting, and nutritious. The mix of mung dal, basmati rice, aromatic spices (coriander, cumin, mustard seed), and mineral-rich vegetables offers a source of protein and energy.

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