To all the past, present & future Goûter lovers:

Goûter started as a personal wellness journey, out of necessity, out of rebelliousness. I’ve always followed my own path, breaking rules as I go, and that’s exactly how Goûter came to be: taking health into my own hands and using that determination to create healthy, nutrient-dense and tasty beverages that are the cleanest fuel for your body. My mission for Goûter is to inspire you to get active, stay hydrated and rethink what fuels you.

It’s simple. We use premium all organic ingredients to make the best tasting alkaline water-based beverage for your body’s everyday needs. We keep it raw, as in made fresh daily, with real ingredients and a short shelf life. So drink up and give your body all those nutrients it craves. Whether it’s pre or post workout, as a morning or afternoon snack, you’ll find a flavor for every part of your day. By choosing Goûter, you choose the best, so now go BE the best!

Love & tonics, V