Frequently Asked Questions

We’re really excited that Goûter officially became part of the Vegetable and Butcher family in March 2019! What does it all mean? Don’t worry—your favorite tonics and melks are exactly the same recipes, all-organic, and full of nutrients (and love). And our founder V is still here, helping us cook up some new recipes. We are making slight changes to our deliveries: For starters, you’ll probably receive your tonics in a black V+B cooler bag (great for the summer!), and the delivery schedule is now Sunday evenings, Wednesday mornings, and Friday mornings. That’s it for now! Please reach out to with any questions.

All of our tonics consist of four main ingredients: 9.5 pH alkaline water, lemon, cayenne, and coconut nectar. This base creates a beverage that is lighter, more hydrating, and has less sugar than a juice-based drink. Our tonics will give you a sustained feeling of vigor and well-being, not a sugar high. The superfood additions to the tonic base are geared towards specific purposes and are meant to complement your daily diet and meet targeted nutritional needs.

We recommend drinking at least 1 tonic a day in order to see noticeable health benefits. Our tonics are like your daily vitamin and are easy to incorporate into your daily routine. Whether you drink ‘Awake’ instead of coffee, ‘Digest’ after your afternoon meal, or ‘Nourish’ as a post-workout protein boost, we guarantee you will feel more energized and healthy from the inside out.

Yes! All of our raw, unaltered beverages are made with organic ingredients. We source the highest quality ingredients to ensure that our tonics are the cleanest, purest beverage you can fuel yourself with. You don’t want to put chemicals & GMOs in your body – it’s just not worth it!

You can get weekly subscription so that you can have easy access to tonics whenever you want, from your own fridge! We have a minimum order of $35, and can set it up so that you receive tonics every week at the same time, on the same day. We challenge you to make small changes in your daily routine and see how much better you feel!

At this time, we do not give bulk discounts.

We are sure you don’t want to hear this, but the answer is no! The alkaline water in our tonics helps to reduce the acidity that is built up in your body. Much of that acidity is caused by daily coffee intake. Therefore, you would be doing your body a disservice if you were drinking coffee while trying to reset your system. If you are thinking of cleansing, we recommend reducing your coffee intake for 3 days prior to the start of your cleanse to get your body adjusted.

It’s so important to listen to your body while cleansing. Beneficial foods to add while on the cleanse are raw fruits and vegetables. They will give you extra energy if you’re feeling tired and will also satisfy your desire to chew! Everybody is different and every time you do a cleanse, the experience will change. Be open to what your body is feeling without judgment. The fact that you’ve committed to doing something good for yourself is the most important part of this experience.

Glad you asked! It’s difficult to make sweeping generalizations about cleansing and what “happens” to you. Everybody is at different points on their personal journey to health & wellness, so people have very individualized experiences with a cleanse. The most important piece of advice is to always listen to your body – it knows best!

Potential Health Benefits: giving your digestive system a rest, reducing acidity in the body, increased energy, decreased bloating, better night’s sleep, glowing skin from the increased intake of superfood nutrients, becoming more conscious of what you put in your body, decreasing processed food cravings, just to name a few.

Potential Side Effects: low energy, fatigue, lack of concentration, hunger, nausea, headaches mainly due to the detoxification process your body is going through.

We make all of our tonics to order, so we need a minimum of 48 hours notice.

We deliver all over the DC Metropolitan area. All of DC, many parts of NOVA, Bethesda, North Bethesda, Chevy Chase, Potomac, Cabin John, Kensington, Takoma Park, & Silver Spring. If your address isn’t accepted when checking out, email us and we’ll be more than happy to work something out. (within reason of course!)

Please check our Locate page for a list of places you can find our products. Please check our map for a detailed layout. If you want to see us in your neighborhood, give us a shout!

We take a lot of pride in being a local company that is focused on bringing health and wellness to the people of the DC Metropolitan area. We make everything to order and our tonics are raw, so we would be compromising the quality of our products if we shipped them elsewhere. However, if you’re ever in our area visiting, don’t hesitate to schedule a cleanse delivery!

No not at all! We’re more than happy to leave with a concierge/receptionist that can refrigerate your delivery until you get home or hold it for you at the front desk. We can also leave it on your doorstep, as long as it’s not outside for more than a couple hours. Don’t forget, this is an unpasteurized product that should be kept cold at all times to maintain freshness. So make sure you hurry back to put your order in the fridge!

Also, when placing your order, please leave specific delivery instructions – the more detailed, the better for our drivers, so they are clear about where to leave it for you. Also please specify if they should call when outside your building (office or home).

No way! We make home deliveries AND office deliveries. It’s sometimes easier to receive your order where you work (and we’re down with that) since you’re usually there all day to receive it.

We’ve realized it’s more inspiring to be healthy as a community. It becomes fun and you can share ideas with each other when you’re surrounded by people who care about their health, like you. And what better place to start than with your colleagues! We do office tastings to promote wellness, educate on the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, give tips, recipe ideas and answer any questions.

Many companies have started a “health & wellness” initiative to look out for the well-being of their employees (why not right). In order to support their efforts, we arrange for weekly deliveries to offices so the fridge is always stocked with raw, organic goodness and everyone can GOÛTER their DAY!

Create an account from our Homepage so we’ll always know who you are! Check out our “bulk discount” FAQ above and email with any questions.